Heat & Glo Foundation Pier Gas Fireplaces


A fireplace showpiece with a captivating presence. Modern in form and luxurious by design the FOUNDATION Series was created with profound consideration for the whole space, bringing everything seamlessly together. Let your distinctive spaces maintain their own character while you tastefully unite your overall design. A Foundations Series Pier fireplace brings your interior together.

Captivating Presence

  • Big bold flames that elevate the senses
  • Clear view of the beautiful fire

Luxury by Design

  • Customize to your style
  • Multiple interior options
  • Available in 4’, 5’, 6’ and 7’ lengths in Single-Sided, See-Through, Bay, Pier
  • Can be connected to home automation systems. Contact your home automation expert for information specific to your home.

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Model Specifications


Size 4′
Width 53-3/4″
Height 50″
Depth 24″
Rear Width 53-3/4″
Framing Width 54-3/4″
Framing Height 56″
Framing Depth 23″
Framing Front Width 54-3/4″
Framing Back Width 54-3/4″
Fuel Type Natural Gas
BTU/hr Input 60,000
Viewing Area 50-13/16″ x 24″; small pane: 24″ x 24″
Ignition System HSI – Hot Surface Ignition
Size:5′ Width:65-3/4″ Height:50″ Depth:24″ Rear Width:65-3/4″ Framing Width:66-3/4″ Framing Height:56″ Framing Depth:23″ Framing Front Width:66-3/4″ Framing Back Width:66-3/4″ Fuel Type:Natural GasBTU/hr Input:80,000 Viewing Area:62-13/16″ x 24″; small pane: 24″ x 24″ Ignition System:HSI – Hot Surface IgnitionSize:6′ Width:77-3/4″ Height:50″ Depth:24″Rear Width:77-3/4″ Framing Width:78-3/4″ Framing Height:56″ Framing Depth:23″ Framing Front Width:78-3/4″ Framing Back Width:78-3/4″ Fuel Type:Natural GasBTU/hr Input:100,000 Viewing Area:74-13/16″ x 24″; small pane: 24″ x 24″ Ignition System:HSI – Hot Surface IgnitionSize:7′ Width:89-3/4″ Height:50″ Depth:24″ Rear Width:89-3/4″ Framing Width:90-3/4″ Framing Height:56″ Framing Depth:23″Framing Front Width:90-3/4″ Framing Back Width:90-3/4″ Fuel Type:Natural GasBTU/hr Input:120,000 Viewing Area:86-13/16″ x 24″; small pane: 24″ x 24″ Ignition System:HSI – Hot Surface Ignition


Specification Images


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